Types of Yucca Plants We Carry

About Our Yucca Plants

Big Bend Yucca Company is your #1 source of high quality, farm raised yucca and agave, shipped direct from the grower to the homeowner. Located on the northern edged of the Chihuahuan Desert of Far West Texas, Big Bend Yucca Company takes great pride in provided direct to gardener's coast to coast with responsibly farm raised yuccas and agaves that are 100% sustainably grown from seed or from tissue culture.

We are a small second-generation farm that is a major grower of yucca and agave for the wholesale landscape industry for 20 years. Due to our remote location, it has never been an option to sale direct to the consumer at the retail level, but now that online shopping has taken off people are buying everything online, including yuccas! It is our pledge to you to provide the best of the best that we have by selecting for the retail sales what we call the Premium Select Series, and that the plants we ship are freshly dug, bare root, healthy, hydrated, and ready for your home or business landscape.

Types of Yucca & Agave Plants We Carry

Yucca linerafolia

Yucca linerafolia is a rare and beautiful yucca from Mexico with an abundance of very narrow long leaves that dance with the slightest breeze. This yucca can grow up to 6’, maybe more given enough time. I have had this yucca species survive down to 0 degrees with no damage. Yucca linerafolia is drought and heat tolerant. Like the Yucca rostrata it is a versatile plant that can grown in a wide varity of zones and conditions including desert, forested, Mediterranean, and tropical. With its relatively soft leaves it makes an excellent container plant for the patio.

Yucca rostrata

Yucca rostrata is often called The Queen of the yuccas. With its smooth, flexible leaves which have a bluish hue it is at home in a wide variety of landscapes. From the desert southwest to the pacific northwest, deep south, and up to the northeast, and all points in between, Yucca rostrata is quickly becoming a go to plant for garden enthusiast.

Not only can this plant thrive in soaring heat condition but is also able to withstand freezing cold temperature down to -20f. Yucca rostrata forms a trunk and can grow up to 10' tall making it a spectacular focal point in the landscape. If you can only have one yucca in your landscape, let there be no doubt this is the plant that you want.

Yucca faxoniana

Yucca faxon often is referred to as Spanish Dagger. This tree like yucca grows up on an extra think, stout trunk and makes a bold statement in the landscape This species can easily reach 10' tall and with its long leaves reaching outward to up to 8'wide. Be sure and give this striking yucca plenty of room to grow and avoid planting too close to walk ways. This yucca is hardy to about 0 degrees and it both drought and heat tolerant

Agave havardiana

This medium sized agave is a native to Far West Texas and adjacent Mexico, and in my opinion is highly underutilized by the landscape market. The leaves of this plant have a thick, tough skin making it more likely to survive an ice storm with minimal damage. The seeds for this agave I collected myself from the Glass Mountains of Pecos County from a population that is considered the most beautiful by many botanists.

This is an undeniable handsome plant with the leaves terminating in a dark point that looks to have been painted. This agave produces few off sets so it will be easy to maintain a clean look in your landscape. Plant in full sun and if you live in a hot climate, it is best to plant in an area with afternoon shade. You can expect this agave to grow to about 3' tall and around 4' wide, give it plenty of room, and it is cold hardy to about -20 degrees.

Agave ovatifolia "Frosty Blue"

This stunning agave is a collector's dream. With it power blue leaves which are wide and slightly flattened to form a tight rosette to create a striking silhouette that will quickly catch the eye of even the casual observer. You will be surprised how fast this plant grows, and when at mature you can expect a plant to reach 3' with a width that can exceed 4'. I have even seen individuals that are 4' tall and 5' wide Be sure and give this plant plenty of room, and I would encourage you to plant this agave on a mount to promote visible. This agave is more than capable of being the focal point of your landscape.

It can be planted in the full sun, but if you live a particularly hot climate like Tucson or Phoenix, it would be best to locate in a position to receive afternoon shade. This agave is hardy to about 0 degrees