Large Yucca Plants Shipped Direct from the Grower

At Big Bend Yucca Company, we take great pride in providing direct-to-consumer yucca plants shipped coast to coast. Our farm-raised yuccas are responsibly and 100% sustainably grown, making them a perfect choice for eco-conscious homeowners. Order yours today and enjoy the beauty of the yucca tree!


Featured in Texas Monthly

Meet the Yucca Whisperer of West Texas

Near Fort Stockton, Hoven Riley has been quietly growing more than 20,000 of the prized plants, which are being illicitly uprooted from public and private lands to meet a growing demand.

Photograph by JoMando Cruz

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Big Bend Yucca Company

  • Agave ovatifolia 'Frosty Blue' - Whale's Tongue Agave

    Agave ovatifolia 'Frosty Blue' (Whale's Tongue Agave) - A solitary (non-offsetting) succulent that grows from 2 to 5 feet tall by 3 to 6 feet wide with a rounded rosette of short, wide gray leaves that are distinctively cupped. Leaves have small teeth along their margins and a 1 inch long dark gray terminal spine.

  • Yucca rostrata - Big Bend Yucca

    Yucca rostrata (Big Bend Yucca) - A slow-growing tree-like yucca with upright stems and beautiful gray-blue narrow foliage. Although it can branch, it is most often seen with a single trunk, that can grow to 12-15 feet tall. The 2 foot long, stiff, slightly waxy, pale bluish-green leaves with yellow margins, form a dense rosette on top of the stems

  • Yucca linearifolia

    Yucca linearifolia is a rare and beautiful yucca from Mexico with an abundance of very narrow long leaves that dance with the slightest breeze. This yucca can grow up to 6’, maybe more given enough time. I have had this yucca species survive down to 0 degrees with no damage. Yucca linearifolia is drought and heat tolerant. Like the Yucca rostrata it is a versatile plant that can grown in a wide variety of zones and conditions including desert, forested, Mediterranean, and tropical. With its relatively soft leaves it makes an excellent container plant for the patio.

Farm Raised vs. Wild Dug Yuccas

big bend yucca company - shipped direct from the grower

Types of Yucca Trees

There are nearly 50 species of yucca trees and shrubs. Although sometimes called a type of cactus, yuccas are not cacti but are perennial evergreen shrubs and trees in the plant family Asparagaceae.

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